Laura Corcoran — Close Quarters

  • January 8 — February 16
  • Friday, February 15, 6 — 8pm

In 2018 Laura wrote and received an Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board to create a series of work about the Fergus Falls rookery in Adams Park. She happened upon this rookery by chance on a road trip in 2015. She was intrigued by this unique setting, its bird inhabitants, and the proximity of human and avian activity. She has since learned that the Fergus Falls rookery is the most easily accessible Great Egret Rookery in the state of Minnesota. Laura considers it to have been a privilege to spend time observing, photographing and drawing the birds of this rookery and exploring Fergus Falls. The prints and drawings in this show depict moments of individual birds and family units, as well as reflections on the hubbub of life at and around the rookery.

Laura Corcoran grew up in central Wisconsin. She received a BA in 2004 from Lawrence University and an MFA in printmaking in 2009 from the University of Minnesota. In addition to teaching elementary art, Laura and her husband run a small print business, Crankosaurus Press. They live in St. Paul, MN with their dog.

Adam Priebnow — Optimal Growth

  • January 8 — February 16
  • Friday, February 15, 6 — 8pm

Adam Priebnow is a skilled artist specializing in wheel-thrown porcelain with crystalline glazes. He enjoys creating both functional and decorative pieces. He loves exploring form and how it interacts with glaze. Adam is also an addiction counselor, in his pursuit of this career he found his love for clay. It has become one of his passions, he is excited to see where the journey will take him. Adam has a wife and four kids who are his world and his strongest support. He feels it is a blessing to share this craft with them and the world.

Greg Handberg — Eyes on the Road

  • February 3 — February 28
  • Friday, February 15, 6 — 8 pm

Greg Handberg lives in Saint Paul, MN with his wife Caron and dog Surly. His two daughters are grown, active, and incredibly cool. He began painting in 2017 after twenty years interacting with thousands of artists across the country while working for the non-profit Artspace to create permanently affordable living and working space for artists and arts organizations. He is a photographer and self-taught painter. These paintings were made in 2018 and are inspired by photographs taken during his Artspace travels.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Dar Eckert— Raku Awakening

  • February 23 — April 13
  • Saturday, March 2, 4 — 6 pm

“I have always felt that I was born to be an artist. Life has taken me in different directions but art has always been an important part of my life. Similarly, I have always been close to nature and enjoy each season and its unique beauty. So it is not surprising that I have become a professional ceramic and sculpture artist whose primary influence is nature. I use clay, which is the earth itself and fire, one of its primary elements, for my work to reflect the environment that I am passionate about. I prefer to depict our region and nature seen every day but not always noticed.

Work is hand built with coils, slabs or sometimes wheel thrown then dried and fired once. The ceramic piece then becomes my canvas and I draw and glaze it. The final step, raku firing, is where the magic happens. Unexpected colors and copper blushes appear when the glowing hot piece is placed in pine boughs that burn and blacken the piece.  The completed work reflects nature and Minnesota through my eyes.”

Lewis Ableidinger — Driving Through Flyover Country

  • March 2 — March 31
  • Saturday, March 2, 4 — 6 pm

Lewis Ableidinger (b. 1983) is from the small town of Kensal (pop. 163), located in the central part of North Dakota. Early on he developed an appreciation for the subtleties of a region most people dismiss as “boring.” In 1998 he picked up a camera for the purpose of photographing old elevators. This led to day trips to find ghost towns with old elevators and eventually he started pointing his camera at other subjects, eventually broadening his interest to include all aspects of life in the American Midwest.

Lewis graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2007 with a BS in Graphic Communictaions and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. Though photography was never his primary focus of study at MSUM he continued shooting and was able to study under Wayne Gudmundson, who broadened his understanding and appreciation of photography. Since 2008 Lewis has worked as a locomotive engineer for Canadian Pacific Railway but continues to pursue his interest in photography. Lewis currently resides in Harvey, ND.