Kari Weber: Here and There

  • February 20th - March 22nd
  • Reception: Thursday, March 8th, 5-7pm

Kari Weber finds her inspiration for her landscape paintings in the rural communities of the Midwest. A graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead with both a BFA in painting and a teaching degree, she recently moved her studio to her home in New London, Minnesota where she works as an art specialist and is a member of the board of directors for the local arts council. This year, Weber received an Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.

Sam Norman: Last Call

  • February 20th - March 22nd
  • Reception: Thursday, March 8th, 5-7pm

Sam Norman grew up in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. He began his academic career at M State Fergus Falls, graduating in 2010 with his AA and AFA. Norman received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2013. He currently creates ceramic work in his studio, Sam Norman Ceramics. His work has received multiple regional and national awards. Norman is also a fully licensed tattoo technician.

Nik Nerburn: A String Too Short to Save

  • February 17th - March 31st
  • Reception: Saturday, February 17th, 6-8pm

These are portraits from the last 3 years, taken mostly in the South and Midwest. Some of these people I know well, some are acquaintances, others are strangers I met only once. I call what I do a type of collaborative ethnography; I prefer making photos with people, instead of taking photos of people.

When reflecting on why I love photography, I often come back to the poetic definition of the Japanese word, “Nikon.” It means “self-reflection,” but in a specifically photographic way — while you look through the viewfinder of your camera with one open eye, your closed eye stares deep into yourself.

There’s a story I heard, although I’ve forgotten the source, about a man who came of age during the Great Depression. Because he never had much, he was very frugal, saving all sorts of odds and ends, because he thought they might one day be useful. He organized them all into drawers and boxes, labeling each one with its contents. One such box in his garage was labeled: “String Too Short To Save” — It was full.  These photos are a peek into my box of short strings, but I suppose they also show something of the guy who couldn’t not save them.

Nik Nerburn is a Bemidji-born active listener, documentary filmmaker, and photojournalist (or photojournal-izer, as one of his subjects once called him). He explores personal histories, folklore, and regionalisms to tell compassionate stories in rural, marginalized, and changing communities. His work explores the intersections of power, memory, nostalgia, race, and place. He challenges his fears by practicing cannonballs in deep water and making prank phone calls. This is his first solo photo exhibition in Fergus Falls, and he’s always thrilled to share his work here.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sabrina Hornung: Trail Dust and Sentiment

  • March 27th - April 28th
  • Reception: TBD

Sabrina Hornung’s Jamestown, North Dakota roots and love of the Dakota prairie are reflected in her artwork. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibits and received awards for her mixed media work, including “Trail Dust and Sentiment,” which was selected as a North Dakota Art Gallery Association traveling exhibit. With a grant from the North Dakota Arts Council traditional arts and apprenticeship program, she studied wycinanki and scherenschnitte (traditional Polish and German papercutting). She studied photography at Moorhead State University Moorhead, currently lives in Fargo, and works as editor-in-chief of the High Plains Reader.

Jaqueline Ness-Ludwig

  • April 6 - May 5
  • Reception: Thursday, April 12 5-7 pm

Kirk Williams

  • May 1st - June 2nd
  • Reception: Thursday, May 10th, 5-7pm

Fergus Falls native Kirk Williams studied graphic arts and illustration in Tacoma, Washington, then transferred to Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he became interested in sculpting. His mediums include clay sculpting with mold transfer, pastel, and assemblages of antiques and collectibles. He has exhibited his work at numerous shows, art fairs, and galleries throughout the Midwest and has created several commissioned sculptures including those at Pioneer Retirement Home and M State in Fergus Falls.

Kristi Kuder

  • June 7th - July 12th
  • Reception: Thursday, June 7th, 5-7pm

In response to the enigmatic state of mind that so fascinates her, sculptor and installation artist, Kristi Swee Kuder applies textile processes to wire and wire mesh to form her artistic expression. Originally from Breckenridge, Minnesota, Kristi received a BS in Art Education with a graphic design emphasis from Moorhead State College in 1975, and is a recent Women’s Art Institute alumni. After many years focusing on her graphic design career, Kristi now maintains a vibrant full time studio practice. An accomplished and awarded artist, Kristi has exhibited both nationally and internationally. She is on the Battle Lake Art of the Lakes Board of Directors and maintains studios in Minneapolis and at Ottertail Lake.

Edlund Family Artist

  • July 17th - August 18th
  • Reception: Saturday, July 21st, 2-4pm

Swedish immigrants Ivar and Kerstin Edlund arrived in the Fergus Falls area in 1889. Among their descendants are an unusually high number of artists who have been successful in diverse creative vocations including painters, potters, conceptual artists, photographers, filmmakers, architects, art teachers, and art professors as well as graphic, jewelry, fabric, and product designers. The group exhibits artwork from living and deceased Edlund artists and documents the professional careers of those working in related fields.

Naomi RaMona Schliesman

  • August 23rd - September 29th
  • Reception: TBD

As a child growing up in Fergus Falls, Naomi RaMona Schliesman learned how to use her hands and create objects from a variety of media early in her life. Her family’s frequent moves from home to home as well as her awareness of the disparate décor of home, school and church taught her the importance applying ornamentation and aesthetic to making a sense of space that says “home” or signifies the function of the space. Schliesman holds a BFA from Minnesota State University Moorhead and a MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, both with an emphasis in sculpture. She has received numerous awards and scholarships and has attended national and international residencies. She lives and works as Artist Development Director for Springboard of the Arts in Fergus Falls while continuing to show her work nationally and painting with her daughter Zara.

Scott Gunvaldson

  • October 4th - November 10th
  • Reception: TBD

Scott Gunvaldson is an artist, muralist, sign painter, and musician who works and resides in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. He has been the beneficiary of a McKnight Fellowship in painting, two McKnight Grants, and a Minnesota Legacy Grant. He has won numerous awards for his paintings, including first place in the Fargo Plains Art Museum’s Red River Annual. His commissioned work includes large-scale art for Sanford Hospital and the City of Fargo. He has also painted portraits of local artists and musicians. He is a former student of Charles Beck and shares his mentor’s love for the landscape. In his paintings, Scott likes to look for that moment when the lighting transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Bonita Roberts

  • November 15th - December 29th
  • Reception: TBD

Bonita Roberts lives, teaches and paints in a small town in Central Minnesota. She works in both oil and pastel and favors both landscape and portraiture. She began showing her drawings and pastels locally in the 1980s. In 1991 she was invited to show in an exhibit at the National Wildlife Museum in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This show opened the door to invitations to other national exhibits, the most prestigious being the Masters Show at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Los Angeles, the Prix de West at the National Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the annual Western Visions Show at the Wildlife Museum in Jackson Hole. Wyoming. Bonita’s work has been published in Southwest Art, Art of the West and International Artist magazines. She is currently exhibiting in the annual Masters Miniature at the Phippen Museum in Prescott, Az. and has been invited to exhibit in the Mountain Oyster Show in Tucson, Arizona.

Myron Sahlberg

  • November 15th - December 29th
  • Reception: TBD

As a youngster living in rural northwestern Minnesota, Myron Sahlberg longed to see a great painting with his own eyes. The summer he turned 17, his wish was granted when he saw great master paintings at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Sahlberg says, “Learning to paint is one of my joys in life. Each day I GET TO PAINT is a great day! I thank God for making me an artist.” Sahlberg’s career includes illustration, teaching and oil painting. He paints commissioned portraits and other subjects for galleries and shows and has done many public painting and drawing demonstrations. He continues to exhibit his work both locally and nationally including at Art of the Lakes Gallery in Battle Lake, Minnesota and Settlers West Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.