Barbara La Valleur: Hola, Cuba! An International Photojournalist's Perspective

  • April 6th - May 13th
  • Reception: Saturday, April 8th, 3-5pm

Salon Talks:

Saturday, April 22nd, 2-4pm: “How I Went From Being a 15-Year-Old Owner of a 1937 Chevy in Battle Lake, MN to Being an Award Winning Photojournalist in Bensheim, Germany”
Saturday, May 6th, 2-4pm: “My 55-Year Journey as an International Photojournalist” Bring a photo and learn about La Valleurs BEST SIMPLE, EASY TO FOLLOW TIP for improving your own family and vacation photographs as well as other tips on where to look for photos that stand out whether using an iPhone or a Nikon. 
This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Lake Region Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage fund.

Barbara La Valleur, a native of Ashby, and a graduate of the Class of 1963 Battle Lake High School, MN, will feature photographs from a recent trip to Cuba. La Valleur has culled 5,000 images she shot in Cuba down to about 50. The country’s raw beauty and current struggles are represented by photos of crumbling buildings, old cars, feral and unexpected animals, the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean and the delightful work of artist Salvador Gonzalez Escalona.

Her photojournalism career covers two continents and over 50 years. Her career included positions as editor of Carib Magazine in the US Virgin Islands; chief photographer of The Daily News in Wahpeton-Breckenridge; 20 years in Europe where she was a “Freiwillige Fotojournalistin” for seven newspapers in Germany.

In 1994, she returned to the US and spent several years freelancing for the Women’s Press as well as an international nursing magazine and continues to freelance.

She has been a member of the Edina Arts and Culture Commission for six years and recently resigned as Chair of Public Art Edina. Barbara is a member of Evansville Arts Coalition and Art of the Lakes. She and her husband, Arnie Bigbee, have resided in Edina for over 10 years and she is one of the La Valleur sisters who own La Farm near Ashby.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sandra Barnhouse: Sociology

  • May 18th - July 1st
  • Reception: Thursday, June 1st, 4-7pm

Sandra Barnhouse has a degree in art education from the University of Northern Colorado (1966) and a master’s in painting and printmaking from St. Cloud State University (1975), where she also had a twenty-year career as publications editor.

About a dozen years ago she became interested in a mysterious abandoned school building at the corner of Hwy 1 @ 35 north of Underwood and for several semi-annual visits to the area, she continued to return to it, imagining how she might fix it up. During a time when her life was changing dramatically, the building came up for sale and within a week she bought it. With the generous help of Dean Lilja, a friend of two decades, she managed to clean it up and make it into a studio, home and gallery. Barnhard Arts (coincidental name, as the building already had its own) is the result.

Barnhouse continues to paint and write at Barnhard Arts, most recently self-publishing How to Watch Television: An Autistic Guide to the Humanity in 2014.

Impact: An Exploration of Mental Illness

  • July 6th - August 1st
  • Reception: Saturday, July 15th, 2-4pm

Leading up to the Mindful exhibition from the Society for Contemporary Craft, the Kaddatz will host an open call exhibit based on the same theme, engaging regional artists in the conversation about the impact of mental illness on individuals, families, and societies.

Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art

  • August 8th - October 7th
  • Reception: Tuesday, August 15th, 5-7pm

A traveling exhibition from the Society for Contemporary Craft.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mental illnesses account for a larger proportion of disability in developed countries than any other group of illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. In 2004, an estimated 25% of adults in the United States reported having a mental illness in the previous year. However, unlike cancer and heart disease, which have become widely discussed in the public sphere, mental disorders remain hidden behind a wall of secrecy, leading to stigma, misunderstanding and neglect.

In order to bring this subject to light, Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC), located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is focusing public attention on this important topic through the traveling exhibition Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art.

Featuring 30 works created by 14 contemporary artists, with an emphasis on the topics of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and PTSD, the exhibition explores the impact that mental illness has on society, and how the arts can encourage positive self- expression and guide effective mental health promotion and treatment.

Mindful Matters will be a featured exhibit during the 2017 Kirkbride Arts and History Weekend, and throughout the fall of 2017, and is hosted by Springboard for the Arts, the Kaddatz Gallery and the Lake Region Arts Council.

Eric A. Johnson

  • October 12th - November 18th
  • Reception: TBD

Printmaker Eric A. Johnson hails from just outside Fargo, North Dakota. One of the region’s most prolific artists, Johnson has created well over 150 prints in the last several years and has exhibited extensively in over fifty regional and national exhibitions. He holds a B.S. in Fine Art with a minor in Art History from North Dakota State University and a M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of North Dakota.

One of the region’s most prolific artists, his award-winning work is sought after by art collectors and cor- porate collections around the region. Art enthusiasts often recognize Johnson’s prints and comment on the brilliantly hued landscapes, a result of Johnson’s unique use of color in the reductive relief pro-
cess. Johnson’s work often draws from his active imagination, with images that run the gamut between slight abstraction and non-objective work. Recently, he has re-embraced realism, working from photos he has taken as his starting image and reimagining the reality in his hallmark bold and colorful style. Johnson draws inspiration from his kids, music, and his supportive and honest wife. His kids keep him young at heart, while his wife manages to push him outside is creative comfort zone. Music has always been an interest of Johnson, and he has in the past used song lyrics as inspiration for his work.

Lori Charest

  • November 22nd - Early January
  • Reception: TBD

Lori Charest is a graduate of The University of North Dakota with concentrations in Ceramics and Fibers. After college, she and her husband, Mike opened a pottery store and studio on Otter Tail Lake called “The Potter-Daughter” (Her dad was a carpenter and they joked about going into business together calling it” The Pounder-Founder and The Potter-Daughter”) Her specialty is functional stoneware pottery with surface design. Lori makes the pots and decorates them and Mike does the glazing, firing and bookkeeping.

Lori began teaching on the Fergus Falls campus of Minnesota State Community and Technical College in 2003. She teaches the Ceramics classes as well as 3D Design. She is the coordinator of The Empty Bowl Project which uses the artwork of her students and area potters to raise money for The Salvation Army with a luncheon served in ceramic bowls. She has also been involved in many area art projects in the communities and schools.

She knew that she was destined to be a potter when she could be found playing in the mud long past the age that most people are done making mud pies. She loves the feel of the clay in her hands as she forms a ball of clay into something beautiful and useful with the potter’s wheel. She uses a variety of surface design techniques to enhance the shapes of her work and enjoys trying new things and ways of working with clay.